Our history

Since 1963

San José Bodegas was created in 1963 by a small group of vine growers who wanted to create a great winery with the aim to produce high quality wines.

Nowadays, more than 160 vine-growers are part of the company, what means over than 2600 acres of grapevines with different grapes varieties like Tempranillo, Airén and Macabeo, of which, 50% are rainfed vineyards and the other 50% are irrigated vineyards.


The winery is located in Tomelloso, in the northeastern part of Ciudad Real province, center of La Mancha Region and it is bordered by Guadiana River. It is a region with an old grape-growing tradition since the middle of the 18th century.


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Castilla – La Mancha is placed in an extensive plain in the center of Spain. Its soil is arid, mainly composed by limestone and clay, and the most part of them are covered for vineyard. The clime is Mediterranean with continental degradation, with big changes of temperature depending on the season, this characteristic helps wines develop a range of different aromas. The large amount of light in this region and the rainwater together with a large number of spring water and the introduction of drip irrigation systems contribute to the favorable development of the vines.





Since the winery was created, new technology has been incorporated to the plant, to ensure that the winemaking, bottled and conservation process are suitable.

Nowadays the company has the most modern technology. A large quantity of stainless steel tanks and concrete tanks coated with a layer of epoxy resin, make possible to store and maintain properly more than 25.000.000 (Kg) of grapes.